Prima 001
Prima getting her Championship

Kuluta Rhodesian Ridgebacks

These links are to some of the pets we have lost.

Saying good bye to a loving pet and companion is hard. It leaves a hole in your heart. We have been through this a lot, it never gets easier and you never get used to it.

Almost invariably it is you that must make the decision as to when it is time for that last ride to the vet. We try to base it on the quality of their life (they are in pain, can’t get up, can’t control bowel/bladder, don’t eat, or have trouble breathing, etc.). Most times they will convey to you that “life is no fun anymore and can you please help me?”. Sometimes you will question yourself about acting too soon or waiting too long. Take comfort from the fact that you did the best you could under the circumstances and hope that when you meet again at the rainbow bridge, they are thankful for your help in easing them gently from this life or are forgiving for acting too quickly.

If you are not familiar with the rainbow bridge story, it describes a lush meadow next to heaven and connected to it by a rainbow bridge. It is in this meadow our departed pets arrive, restored to heath and youth, to romp and play until their humans arrive. When that day comes and after a joyful reunion, they cross the rainbow bridge together into heaven. If the story is true, we will have a large menagerie awaiting us. I hope it is a sturdy bridge.

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